Smyth & O’Reilly is a leading Artisan Irish Distillery, based in the historic Ballydarton House, Fenagh, Carlow, Ireland and nestled in the foothills of Mount Leinster. It has a very rich history at its heart.

The company was formed in early 2015 and their first product Silver Spear Gin was launched to market in early 2017. It took 14 months and over 200 variations to develop the final product. The bottle and branding took over 9 months to develop.

Since its recent launch, the award winning Silver Spear Gin has gained great regard as a leading high quality / premium Gin and is proudly pouring in selective outlets domestically and internationally.

Ballydarton House

Daniel Robertson described Ballydarton as "My beautiful, my own pride."

Ballydarton was built in the 1830’s. It is a Tudor revival country house built of granite ashlar and designed by renowned architect Daniel Robertson. Robertson was known for Dunleckney Manor, Lisnavagh and Mount Leinster Lodge in Carlow as well as his work in Powerscourt in Wicklow. He also did substantial work in Oxford, the most important being Oxford University Press building.

Robertson had been bankrupt three times and was constantly in flight from his creditors. When he worked in Powerscourt in the early 1840’s he was, in the words of Lord Powerscourt; "...always in debt and used to hide in the domes of the roof of the houses.." to escape the Sheriff’s officers who pursued him. By this time, he was crippled with gout and in an advanced state of alcoholism.

While working on Powerscourt, he used to be wheeled out on the terrace in a wheelbarrow with a bottle of sherry, and as long s that lasted he was able to design and direct the workmen, but when the sherry was finished he collapsed and was incapable of working till the drunken fit had evaporated!”

The house was built by Samuel Watson for his son Samuel (1715-1784). The Watson Family were renowned for their keen horsemanship, killing the last wolf in Ireland and writing the rules for Horse Polo as it is played today.

Robert Watson, the last of the family died in 1906. The Smyth family arrived in 1960's and are now in their 3rd generation in Ballydarton House. Nestled at the foothills of Mount Leinster it commands outstanding views across the Carlow countryside.

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