The Perfect Gin for the perfect G&T- balanced, smooth and refreshing.

Our Story

Silver Spear Gin is an artisan Irish spirits brand based in the historic Ballydarton House in Carlow, nestled in the foothills of Mount Leinster.


When it came to choosing the name, we wanted something that connected the history and locality of the gin.


The name was inspired by the history of Ballydarton House.


Back in 1876, John Henry Watson of Ballydarton House won the Silver Spear for his horsemanship skills. Later on, he went on to write the rules for polo that are still in existence today.


Silver Spear Gin is a handcrafted, Irish distilled dry gin which is created in small batches.

The ingredients are carefully sourced to ensure consistency of its delicate flavours across the year and changing seasons.

Wanting to create an exceptional gin product with distinct yet balanced flavours, the creator, Dawn Smyth drew upon thirty years of experience as a food technologist.

Dawn wanted to incorporate some of her favourite flavours from the kitchen at Ballydarton House, like citrus and coriander. She also set out to create a gin that was refined enough to drink neat.  Dawn is the only person who knows the secret recipe and blends for Silver Spear Gin.

We took our time to purposely create the perfectly balanced gin for the perfect G&T!

The recipe took 14 months to develop, a marriage of 14 botanicals working in harmony. Not too floral, not too fruity, not too spicy.

Rests for six weeks before it reaches perfection.

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Perfect Serve

14 different botanicals,
5 citrus and our blend of
herbs and spices.



Wonderful aromatic, pronounced notes
of coriander and lime with undertones of
juniper and slight heat from spices

Silver Spear Gin: 35mL
Premium Tonic: 150mL
Method: Stirred & Served on Ice

Strawberry Sliced and a Wedge of Lime